Week fifteen – Reflection three

This week in the learning pathways we looked at the future of ICT’s.  I found this very interesting and insightful.  It is amazing to think where technology is headed.  Please click here here to view a possible technology for the future called glass.  Watching this video clip reiterated the importance of preparing my future students in relation to using technology.  Again it reminds me how important it is that I stay up to date on new technology and that I actively research technology and how to use it for my own professional development.  As well as ensuring that I meet the current curriculum guidelines to ensure students have ICT’s integrated into their learning experiences.


Week Fifteen – Reflection two

As part of the learning path this week, we had an opportunity to share our thoughts about ICT in relation to our prac.  This encouraged me to think more deeply about my experiences on prac with ICT.  After completing the survey barometer about prac I had a quick read through some of the other responses.  I quickly realised that I was very lucky to have access to great ICT resources while I was on prac. It sounds as though some of my peers did not have as positive experiences with access to technology as I did.   While on prac I had the opportunity to work with a few students on iPads and learning addition.  I found a great app called Math Puppy.  Please click here here to view it in itunes.


Week fifteen – Reflection one

I have returned from my three weeks of Professional Experience.  I had a great prac!  I will miss the students I taught, but I hope to go and visit them again soon.  This is my last week of have to post blogs on this website as part of my learning journal.  This I am focused on completing Assignment three.  In particular this week I am focusing on Part D – Evaluation and lessons learned.  I found this week’s learning path very helpful in understanding how to write Part D.  To support students in writing their reflection there was a link about how to practice reflective thinking in the classroom. I find this website helpful.  Please click here to view the website.


Week eleven – Reflection three

As part of the learning path for EDC3100 this week we are required to further explore our topics of interest from last week.  I am in the process of exploring resources on the internet.  I found a few websites with lots of games.  I found one called HoodaMath, which over 100 free maths games.  Please click here to view the website. The second I found helpful is PBS kids.  It has lots of Science, Math and Language games.  Please click here to view the website.  Kelly is a pre-service educator and Kelly published a blog about the benefits of using Interactive Whiteboards with a link to a website with more Interactive Whiteboard games. Please click here to view Kelly’s bog.


Week eleven – Reflection two

This week I met with my mentor teacher.  During my visit to my prac school I found what ICT resources the school has.  I am in a class of 24 students.  As mentioned in previous post I am in a multi-level classroom with students from prep, your one and year two.  My prac school is located in a rural setting and has approximately 70 students.   The class I am working with has access to ten iPads, ten computers and an Interactive Whiteboard.  I am looking forward to planning and implementing lessons that integrate ICT’s. Not long to go now and I will be on prac!


Week eleven – Reflection one

This week I have started work on assignment three for EDC3100.  I have started to work on Part B.  In this section I am identifying which approaches and theorists I will use when planning learning experience. The approaches and theorists that I have identified relate to approaches that are used in Early Childhood.  I have identified that I intend to develop lesson plans that are play based, child centred and incorporate Howards Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory. During last week’s tut our tutor explored how some of these theories and others can be integrated into the curriculum with the use of ICT’s.   I found this interesting as I am keen to learn how ICT can enrich Early Childhood settings.




Week ten -Reflection three

As part of this course I am required to complete three weeks of professional experience.  With this in mind I have been considering what I need to do to prepare for my professional experience.  Throughout the course of EDC3100 we have been encouraged and required to subscribe to many different online websites. I hope that during my professional experience that these will come in handy.  I have familiarised myself with the Australian Curriculum and how to use the website.  Please click here to view the Australian Curriculum.  I am in a multi-level class and I am working with preps, year one and year two. Thus, I have also familiarised myself with the Early Years Curriculum Framework.

Not long to go now until I start professional experience.


Week ten – Reflection two

The second topic of interest that I am going to explore this week is Universal Design.  I have come across this term throughout my studies.  By using Universal Design educators develop learning experiences and units of work that accommodate all learning needs of students.  I found an online community which shares resources and ideas relating to Universal Design and technology.  To view this very helpful website please click  here.

A co pre-service educator published a blog about ICT’s and Universal Design.  This blog has a couple of great links to other websites about Universal Design.  Please click here to view the blog post.


Week ten – Reflection one

This week as part of a learning path we had to choose a topic of interest and research it online to find resources.  The topic of interest I chose to explore is ICT’s in Early Childhood and Interactive Whiteboards.  To research this topic I googled ICT’s in Early Childhood. I found an online article about the use of ICT’s in the classroom that I found very interesting.  Please click here to view it.   I also found a great website with lots of links to online resources for educators to use.  Please click here to view the website.

A co pre-service Early Childhood Educator also posted a blog about ICT’s in Early Childhood. To view Sam’s blog please click here.


Week nine – Reflection three

Through this course I have learnt the importance of integrating ICT’s into the classroom to ensure students are equipped for their future.  To help me to integrate ICT’s into the classroom while I am on Professional Experience I researched web sites to help me develop my lesson plans.

I found the two websites below.  Please click on the link to view them.

Early ICT Kent: – This website has resources and activities to assist educators to integrate ICT into the classroom.

Early Years and ICT:- This website has a link to lots of different websites which integrate ICT’s into Early Childhood settings.

Helen is also a pre-service Early Childhood Educator.  Helen posted a blog about websites that she found useful in relation to integrating ICT into Early Childhood settings. Please click her to view Helen’s blog post.

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